Friday, October 19, 2018

Equip super wants to be your trustee

Equip has created a new model that lets smaller funds keep their distinctive front-office presence, while outsourcing trusteeship.

Market Forces legal analyst Will van de Pol (Pic: Supplied)

The devil is in the lack of detail

Companies are waking up to environmental threats but most still aren’t providing the in-depth data on the subject that investors need.

Rice Warner's Jenni Baxter (Pic: Supplied)

Rice Warner says super overhaul will confuse members

Members making claims without realising they are no longer insured is one negative effect Rice Warner says would rise from planned reforms.

Retail, industry funds unite on trustee structures: ASFA

Industry and retail funds have largely agreed on on handing additional powers to APRA says peak body.

ANZ CEO Shayne Elliott

ANZ chief pulled up on ‘shareholder interests’ rhetoric

ANZ CEO Shayne Elliott was called out for using shareholder duty as a reason for past indiscretions last week.

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