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Friday 28 October 2016

Fail your way to greatness: Baird

The NSW government has encouraged investors to be prepared for potential early failures in social impact bonds, but added it is willing to share in some of the risks.


Regulator tells trustees to lift their group insurance game

ASIC has already asked more than a dozen super funds to answer group insurance questions and tougher disclosure rules could be coming.

David Murray

Super guarantee of 15% needed to achieve ‘adequacy’

He might want adequacy kept out of the objective of super, but that doesn’t mean Murray has given the government a free pass on the issue.


Translating behaviour into member benefits

What matters most to super funds? Simon Russell writes about some of the key benefits that behavioural finance can deliver to major funds.


Australia’s retirement system ranks third globally, gets B+

The authors of the Melbourne Mercer Global Pension Index have recommended Australia lift the superannuation guarantee rate and keep citizens working longer.

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