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‘Most overlooked century-maker’ victim of SSgA overhaul

  • 9 March, 2009
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This is an archived article originally published on I&T News

State Street Global Advisors’ appointment of Justin Walsh to a new role running sales and client service has resulted in the retrenchment of the dedicated client service head, who in a previous life was a Test cricketer for New Zealand.

After four and a half years at SSgA, Bruce Edgar was made redundant late last month, and he is yet to resurface elsewhere.

Edgar is a left-handed batsman who played 39 Tests for New Zealand between 1978 and 1986, at an average of 30.59. He was at the non-striker’s end for the notorious ‘underarm incident’ on the last ball of the one-day international between Australia and New Zealand on February 1, 1981, and directed a two-fingered gesture at bowler Trevor Chappell once the ball had been completed.

Edgar finished that day on 102 not out, but because of the controversy at the end of the game, his innings has been called cricket’s most overlooked century of all time.

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Budget crisis? What crisis? Four investors give their views

Talk of an economic crisis has dominated the front pages of newspapers ever since Joe Hockey delivered his budget speech on May 13. ... [more]

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Numbers moving to SMSF stalls

David Atkin, chief executive of Cbus has declared the growth in members of industry funds leaving for self-managed super funds at an end. ... [more]

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Banks and industry funds unite against FSI proposals

“It is clear…. that the banking system is considerably less competitive than the superannuation system, is systemically more risky and extracts a greater ... [more]

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The political shame in delaying rises in SGC for 7 years

There is a global pension underfunding crisis and yet Australians are set to lose $128 billion in savings because the Federal Government has ... [more]

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AMP Multi Asset Group structure finalised

AMP has finished the centralisation of its fund manager teams, creating four separate chief investment officer roles under the leadership of Sean Henaghan. ... [more]

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Future Fund creates twin leadership roles

The Future Fund has promoted internally to fill its chief investment officer role, while passing the responsibility for portfolio risk setting to another ... [more]

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RiceWarner: beating annuities “easy” for super funds

Superannuation funds can offer retirement accounts that easily exceed the income from annuities, believes Rice Warner. Michael Rice, chief executive of the actuarial ... [more]

AustralianSuper claims growing influence on ASX200 governance

Superannuation funds are winning their efforts to make Australian companies adopt long term thinking, according to Andrew Gray, investment manager, governance at AustralianSuper. ... [more]

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David Murray profile: superannuation put on trial

How worried should the superannuation industry be by the contents of the Financial System Inquiry’s interim report? The comments made by David Murray ... [more]

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REST credits insurance rethink as they scoop top fund award

REST Super scooped Super Fund of the Year, in large part due to pioneering a new insurance offering for members said Damian Hill. ... [more]

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QSuper wins pension fund of the year

QSuper has been chosen as Pension Fund of the Year for the second year running at the Chant West | Conexus Finanical Super ... [more]

Super fund award winners named

The winners of the Chant West | Conexus Financial Super Fund Awards have been announced at a ceremony at Ivy Ballroom in Sydney, ... [more]

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Young people don’t regret mandatory super

Young Australians are “overwhelmingly grateful” for their superannuation, despite many not making an active decision to join a fund or select an investment ... [more]