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Founded in 2006, Investment Magazine has long been widely acknowledged as the leading superannuation, institutional investment and funds management publication in Australia.

With about $1.3 trillion of assets, Australian’s superannuation/pension industry is the fourth largest in the world. It also has the fastest-growing pool of pension assets in the developed world.

The institutional chief investment officers and their teams are responsible for the investment decision-making for multi-billion dollar superannuation funds, insurance or sovereign wealth funds. The need to invest these assets intelligently is paramount in the minds of these thought leaders.

Investment Magazine provides trusted information that helps these decision-makers track the investable dollar and invests it wisely.

Published monthly, Investment Magazine helps empower the investment executives at large institutions make informed decisions by providing sophisticated, quality content regarding the latest investment innovations and strategies.

The experienced team of journalists has a particular emphasis on providing context rather than headline grabbing short-term content with stories written for a, and about, the investment professionals at large institutional investors.

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