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Don’t be a victim of a media scam

The Audit Bureaux of Australia recently reported that more than $29 million is lost annually to media scams.

In order to encourage fairness and to help advertisers prevent misleading reporting, Investment Magazine and all other Conexus Financial publications are externally audited by the ABA/Circulations Audit Board.

This means our website traffic page views and unique browser data are externally measured. We encourage our potential advertisers to look for audited publications and to encourage non-audited publications to be transparent about their reporting methods.

We love engagement

Investment Magazine is a leading publication both editorially and in advertising capabilities.

Nearly every advertising slot we offer adheres to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) ad unit guidelines and we are about to launch a variety of interactive rich media advertising opportunities. By leveraging off research and advances in the consumer space, we know we can achieve better results for you in the financial services industry.

We are passionate about good advertising and would love to discuss your ideas with you further.

Download our kit

Below you will find a link to a PDF of our media kit for a summary of your advertising opportunities with Investment Magazine.

Many online advertising options cannot be adequately explained in print form, and we will be developing this section of our website into an interactive advertising portal to showcase these capabilities.


Contact Us For Advertising

If you would like further information on our advertising opportunities please contact Joseph Sing.

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